Research project

Research project

Principle Investigator

The modulation of L2 experience on word frequency and word predictability effects during First- and Second-language reading: an fMRI study with simultaneously eye movement recording, MOST 107-2410-H-004 -204 -MY3, 2018.08.01-2021.07.31

Age differences in natural reading: Studies of eye fixation-related and ultra-fast functional brain imaging, National Science Council, MOST 106-2420-H-004 -009-MY2, 2017.01.01 – 2019.12.31.

Tracking the time course of tonal and segmental activation competition in Chinese spoken word recognition using eye movements.,National Science Council, MOST 104-2410-H-004 -043-MY3, 2015.08.01 – 2018.07.31.

Research of text-picture integration and evaluation on a cloud computing-based collaborative digital reading system: Evidence from eye movements.,National Science Council, MOST 104-2410-H-004 -043-MY3, 2014.08.01 – 2015.10.31.

Key determinants of successful language acquisition: Integrated research of behavioral, developmental, and neurobiological approaches –Subproject 4: The Time course of orthographic activation in Chinese spoken word recognition: evidence from eye movement, Theme Research Projects of Academia Sinica, AS-102-TP-C06, 2013.01.01 – 2015.12.31.

The contextual influence on parafoval lexical processing in reading Chinese sentences: Evidence from Traditional and Simplified Chinese readers. NSC 101-2410-H- 004-087-MY2, 2012.08.01 – 2014.07.31.

The influence of contextual constraint and lexical properties on eye movement control in reading Chinese. National Science Council, NSC 99-2410-H-004-091 -MY2, 2010.08.01 – 2012.07.31.

Children's eye movement control in reading: effects of contextual and perceptual factors on word processing. National Science Council, NSC 99-2420-H-004 -002-, 2010.01.01 – 2010.12.31.

Determinants of the fixation position effects in Chinese character and word recognition. National Science Council, NSC 96-2413-H-004-018-MY3, 2007.08.01 – 2010.07.31.

Lexical activation of Chinese words: ERPs and MEG studies of neighborhood size effects on word recognition. National Science Council, 95-2413-H-010-002-, 2006.08.01 - 2007.07.31.

Lateralization effects of Chinese word recognition: Neighborhood size effects of peripherally and centrally presented words. National Science Council, 94-2413-H-010-002-, 2005.08.01 - 2006.07.31.

The neighborhood size effects of Chinese two-character words: An eye movement study of reading sentences. National Science Council, 93-2413-H-010-003-, 2004.08.01 - 2005.07.31.

Attentional operations of characters and words during eye fixations when reading Chinese. National Science Council, 92-2413-H-010-001-, 2003.08.01 - 2004.07.31.


2. Co-investigator

Semantic Analysis of Translated Texts for Comparative Cultural Studies and Cultural Specificity in Language Learning. Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 105-2923-H-004-001-MY3, 2016.08.01-2019.07.31

The dual process of consumer aesthetic experiences on logo evaluation, Science Council, 101-2420-H-004-012-MY2, 2012.01.01-2013.12.31

Eye movements during reading Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Grant KL 955/18 to Reinhold Kliegl (Department of Psychology, University of Potsdam, Germany) and Jie-Li Tsai. 2011.01.01- 2013.12.31.

Taiwan Mind/Brain Imaging Center: MRI/MEG Establishment and Service Plan, National Science Council, NSC 99-2420-H-004-027-RE2, 2010.08.01-2012.07.31

Integrating and Developing Artificial Intelligence and Language Technologies for Cross-Language Information Retrieval and Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching and Learning (II & III), National Science Council, NSC 100-2221-E-004-014- , 2011.08.01-2012.07.31

A Neuroscience Training Program for Researchers in Education or Other Humanities and Social Science Domains, National Science Council, 98-2517-S-004-001-MY3, 2009.01.01 – 2012.07.31.

Brain Processing in a Diversified Linguistic Environment: A Taiwan Perspective: Integration of Multiple Modalities for Human Brain Mapping: From neuroanatomy to functional connectivity, Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of Universities (PhaseⅡ) of National Science Council, 94-2752-H-010-004-PAE, 2005.04.01 – 2009.03.31.

Word Recognition: Integrated Research of Behavioral, Developmental and Neurobiological approach: Component project III - The locus of the neighborhood size effects in reading Chinese words: the event-related potential studies, Theme Research Projects of Academia Sinica, AS-94-TP-C06, 2005.01.01 – 2007.12.31.

Brain, Cognitive, and Behavioral Science: Component Project I - The nature of lexical and sublexical processing in reading Chinese phonograms: the event-related potential and eye-tracking studies, Theme Research Projects of Academia Sinica, AS-93-TP-C05, 2004.01.01 – 2006.12.31.

Eye movement examples



Eye movement examples


Eye movements in reading

Eye movements in picture viewing and website reading  



Eye movements in picture book reading



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