Participate in our research of Reading

We are a research team of the eye movement and reading lab from National Chengchi University in Taipei City. Currently, we seek participants for an experiment of reading Chinese sentences. You will be compensated for your participation.

During the experiment, the eye movements while reading Chinese sentences will be recorded by an eye tracker. We will analyze the data to understand the reading processes and the differences in reading proficiency.

Duration time》about 1 hour


1. age:20 years old or above
2. using or learning Chinese as a non-native language
3. education: college or above
4. with normal or corrected vision
5. not suitable: eye symptoms of muscle abnormalities

Sign up》fill the online sheet( or call us

Location》Eye Movement and Reading Laboratory, National Chengchi University

Principal Investigator》蔡介立(Jie-Li Tsai) from Dept. Psychology / Research Center for Mind, Brain and Learning

If interested, please contact 陳小姐(Ms. Chen) or (02)2939-3091#68006

We will contact you to schedule the time for participation.

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